El Jefe Guapo born May 5, 2019

We have finished converging the information from our two websites to this one! You will still be able to view our farm page on Openherd.com just search Shady Meadows Alpaca. I will work to keep the information current there as well as here, but it will be a lower priority.

We are still waiting for Jarret’s Pride (JP) to give birth; she was due June 3 and as of this writing there is some concern for just how much longer she can hold out on us. She is quite independent by nature, so we are not really too surprised.

We have had our share of negative experiences this spring as well. We had two of our girls come up full breech at delivery time. We lost Bo Peep and her cria, and then the very next day Temperance had to be rushed to the vet in Diamond, and while the cria was lost, we are very thankful that Temperance survived and has made a very strong recovery.

I just want to express our appreciation for our new veterinarian clinic. They are absolute professionals, and have a wonderful and fully equipped facility. While they may not yet be experts with alpaca, they certainly put forth the effort to learn and seem truly interested in doing so, which is a far cry from our former veterinary caregiver.

Don’t forget that we have honey in stock and ready to go. We have sold a lot in the last week, but still have plenty for awhile. Give us a call and we can meet you for delivery while we are in town or possibly in other areas.

Finally, the blackberries have set their fruit and are growing wonderfully. There is no sign of the fungus that took out half of the crop last year, so we’re hoping for a strong harvest this time around. As usual, we will offer seedless blackberry jam and syrup on the farm during picking season. We may even have some blueberry syrup available at that time.

Thanks for stopping by! Come on out and see us!

Thanks for joining us, we’re glad you stopped by!

What a wet and crazy spring it has been! Shearing is done, birthing season is almost finished, bee nucs and packages have been installed, and the pumps have been busy working to keep us high and dry after more than 10 inches of rain in the last week.

Please keep stopping by while we relocate our two websites to this one over the next few days/weeks.

We have honey available for purchase! Give us a call to place your order. We will have purchasing options available on this site in the near future.

This beautiful old barn is located in Barton County, Missouri near Golden City along highway 126.