Shady Meadows Farm grows thornless Triple Crown and Prime Ark Freedom cultivars. The Triple Crown Blackberry is named for its three crowning attributes: flavor – productivity – vigor. This thornless blackberry variety yields large, glossy black fruits that are firm and have the capacity to produce larger berries than any other variety and, OH MY, they are delicious!! Prime Ark Freedom are new to our farm this year and we will be evaluating this new thornless product.

Growing top quality produce is our goal on the farm, and we eat what we also sell. Growing our crops using natural practices and steering away from synthetic pesticides is challenging. We do not make claims to be “Organic” simply because there are costs involved in obtaining such “status,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t grow organically. With new pests showing up this year, we are presented with finding the best and safest management practices that will ensure we can continue to provide luscious Triple Crown blackberries for years to come.