Yasmin, our 16 year old white female, has passed on. This picture is from last year when she really looked her best. We had retired her from breeding by then and she was able to gain weight and fill out nicely. She was a good companion animal to the rest of the herd and they are deeply mourning this loss.

She was a gentle old gal and we will miss her! We can rest in the knowledge that she lived out her final years on lush grass, abundant shade, good feed and supplements, and fresh water.

It’s official. We have closed for blackberry picking for this year. We had a much better year than last with much less problems with the fungus that decimated much of the crop in 2018. As we continue to address the issue, we hope to see an even better crop in 2020.

The largest berry we weighed this season was a whopping 14 grams!

We do still have lots of syrup, jelly, and honey available for sale. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

Thanks again for all of you that came and picked or had us pick for you!

See you next year!!

We are beginning to see a decrease in daily production, so it appears that the end of our blackberry season is in sight.

We recommend that you call/text 417-499-1439 before you come to make sure that we can accommodate the amount you are hoping to pick.

Our hours for evening picking will be reduced to BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We expect that our daily picking will also be reduced back to Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings.

We still have lots of honey, blackberry syrup, and seedless blackberry jelly/jams available on site!

Triple Crown beauty

Our Triple Crown blackberries are ready for picking! We have abundant quantities available.

U-Pick is $3/lb (qt)
We-Pick is $5/lb (qt) Pre-order via phone or text at (417) 499-1439

Picking is open from 8:00am to Noon MONDAY / WEDNESDAY / FRIDAY / SATURDAY.
Evenings available but PLEASE CALL/TEXT before you come to make sure someone is available. Closed Sunday.

PLEASE NOTE: We have received a lot of rain and there may be standing water so please wear appropriate footwear. In the event that lightning moves into the area, we will close until it has passed. Pickers in the field at the time will be expected to move as quickly as possible to take cover in their vehicles until the danger has passed.

Also available on-site for purchase:

Blackberry syrup (Great on ice cream or pancakes!!)
8oz jar $3.50
8oz bottle $4.00
16oz jar $8.00

Blackberry jam
8oz jar $4.00
16oz jar $8.00

Pint jar $10.00
Quart jar $20.00

DIRECTIONS from Joplin

Shady Meadows Farm/Shady Meadows Alpaca Ranch is located just off of Highway 43 on Pine Road. From the Stone’s Corner roundabout (Hwy 171 & Hwy 43), go north (straight thru the next roundabout at Hwy 96) for 11 miles to Pine Road (first road after crossing North Fork Creek) then turn right (east) and go to second farm on the right (south) side. Please use the long driveway.

Directions from I-49

Take Exit 67 for M/N Highway (Baseline Road) and go west 9.5 miles to CR238 (at the unmanned fire station) go south to Pine Rd and its the tan house to the right (23708 on the mailbox). Use the long driveway.

From wherever you are, you can go to Google Maps and search Shady Meadows Alpaca and it will bring you right to us.

This is a frame of capped honey from one of the hives we keep at a location about 5 miles south of the farm. The hives have been servicing blueberry farms to the west and the abundant wildflowers we have this year. We have been a lot wetter this spring and it shows with the bees.

Both of the hives at this location are just booming. The queens are filling out the remaining space in the hive bodies and the foragers are busy packing in nectar and pollen.

We have lots of honey available for purchase and as you see here, there is more to come. Give us a call or text at (417) 499-1439 to make arrangements. We can meet you in town when we are in for other business or you can arrange a time to come to the farm.

Blackberries are coming soon! We have seen a few berries ripening since the rain let up and I expect that the sunny weather we are supposed to see this week will only bring them on faster. Perhaps next week or the one following we will open for picking. Remember that we will have seedless jam and syrup available for purchase as well!

We hope to see you soon!

El Jefe Guapo born May 5, 2019

We have finished converging the information from our two websites to this one! You will still be able to view our farm page on Openherd.com just search Shady Meadows Alpaca. I will work to keep the information current there as well as here, but it will be a lower priority.

We are still waiting for Jarret’s Pride (JP) to give birth; she was due June 3 and as of this writing there is some concern for just how much longer she can hold out on us. She is quite independent by nature, so we are not really too surprised.

We have had our share of negative experiences this spring as well. We had two of our girls come up full breech at delivery time. We lost Bo Peep and her cria, and then the very next day Temperance had to be rushed to the vet in Diamond, and while the cria was lost, we are very thankful that Temperance survived and has made a very strong recovery.

I just want to express our appreciation for our new veterinarian clinic. They are absolute professionals, and have a wonderful and fully equipped facility. While they may not yet be experts with alpaca, they certainly put forth the effort to learn and seem truly interested in doing so, which is a far cry from our former veterinary caregiver.

Don’t forget that we have honey in stock and ready to go. We have sold a lot in the last week, but still have plenty for awhile. Give us a call and we can meet you for delivery while we are in town or possibly in other areas.

Finally, the blackberries have set their fruit and are growing wonderfully. There is no sign of the fungus that took out half of the crop last year, so we’re hoping for a strong harvest this time around. As usual, we will offer seedless blackberry jam and syrup on the farm during picking season. We may even have some blueberry syrup available at that time.

Thanks for stopping by! Come on out and see us!