This is a frame of capped honey from one of the hives we keep at a location about 5 miles south of the farm. The hives have been servicing blueberry farms to the west and the abundant wildflowers we have this year. We have been a lot wetter this spring and it shows with the bees.

Both of the hives at this location are just booming. The queens are filling out the remaining space in the hive bodies and the foragers are busy packing in nectar and pollen.

We have lots of honey available for purchase and as you see here, there is more to come. Give us a call or text at (417) 499-1439 to make arrangements. We can meet you in town when we are in for other business or you can arrange a time to come to the farm.

Blackberries are coming soon! We have seen a few berries ripening since the rain let up and I expect that the sunny weather we are supposed to see this week will only bring them on faster. Perhaps next week or the one following we will open for picking. Remember that we will have seedless jam and syrup available for purchase as well!

We hope to see you soon!

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